Maintaining Your Parking Lot

Maintaining your parking lot is an essential part of any business. New or existing clients see your parking lot first thing. A badly maintained lot reflects poorly on your company. Schedule regular parking lot maintenance to ensure a desirable first impression. Replace damaged curbing, and stanchion posts, seal coat the parking lot regularly, and freshly stripe the lines for a fresh look. Regular maintenance extends the life of your asphalt parking lot and is good for the company’s bottom line.

Curb Stops And Parking Blocks

Architects design curb stops and parking blocks for safety and to serve as guidelines for designated parking areas. They will regularly space them for the majority of the parking spaces. Designated accessible parking spaces require more room and extra signage for clarification. Construction companies generally construct curb stops and parking blocks out of concrete. The asphalt parking area is high-traffic and needs more maintenance than other elements of your lot.

Stanchion Posts Or Bollards

Stanchion posts and bollards are both upright posts. Bollards are cast iron or concrete vehicle barriers to protect pedestrians and property. Facilities should refresh the bollards’ paint when refreshing the lining of the lot. Bollards only need to be replaced if someone drives into or over one destroying its functionality. Companies install stanchion posts for lighting or designate an area where many people line up.

Regular Parking Lot Inspections

Facilities supervisors must be diligent about parking lot inspections and maintenance. Harsh weather impacts asphalt’s lifespan, breaking it down rapidly without the appropriate care. They should inspect the entire lot regularly to look for small asphalt cracks or problems arising from tree roots. Repair minor issues promptly before they grow exponentially if left unattended. Winter’s freeze-thaw can turn a small gap into a significant problem—schedule inspections for efficiency and peace of mind.

Parking Lot Maintenance Problems

Large trees have a massive root system that can wreak havoc on parking areas. Buckling pavement nearby indicates the roots are winning the battle. You need to address them as soon as possible to avoid replacing large portions of your asphalt parking lot. Standing water and vehicle fluids break down asphalt too. Check to ensure the drainage system is clear of debris causing a blockage.

Contract Out Parking Lot Maintenance

Facility departments have been experiencing understaffing since the pandemic. There aren’t enough hours for one person to complete the maintenance necessary to keep a building in good working order. You can contract out parking lot maintenance to ensure it stays in top shape. You can schedule regular walks of the area with a licensed professional contractor to check that off the list. The parking lot is the first thing new potential leasing companies see. It should be in excellent condition.

Regular maintenance of a parking area and all its components is good for the company’s pocketbook. Fill and seal the cracks before they create a large-scale problem. Regular inspections are in the best interest of maintaining this space. Persons often overlook parking lot maintenance until there’s a problem because they’re an out-of-sight, out-of-mind system. Call TruSeal Asphalt for all your parking lot inspection and maintenance needs now!

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