Curbing And Speed BumpsCurbing and speed bumps are commonplace in today’s parking lots. Rumor has it they were invented by Physicist Arthur Holly Compton in 1953. He wanted cars to slow down when they drove past his university. Compton called them “traffic control bumps,” and others referred to them as a “Holly hump.” Nowadays, you’ll find speed bumps near schools, private roadways, and parking lots. Curbing bumps prevent cars from inadvertently hitting the sidewalk when parking. TruSeal Asphalt & Concrete can provide professional installation for your speed bumps and curbing.

Materials For Speed Bumps

Manufacturers make speed bumps and curbing out of several kinds of materials and in different sizes. You can choose from asphalt, metal, vulcanized rubber, and recycled plastic. Is your parking lot covered or exposed to elements like snowfall? You can select speed bumps that facility staff can easily remove when necessary. Many facility managers have speed bumps removed for winter so snowplows can operate smoothly. Traditionally, they were permanent fixtures made of durable concrete or asphalt. Rubber curbing and bumps also provide more environmentally friendly products and mobility.

Concrete Or Rubber Curbing

Both concrete and rubber curbing have benefits. Concrete is more durable, and when the color starts to fade, applying a fresh coat of paint is easy. It’s much heavier, making mobility a consideration. Rubber comes in different colors. The rubber or plastic curbing is often black with yellow accents for easy visibility. You need to consider your material choice if you live where summer is sweltering. In scorching climates, rubber has a shorter lifespan. Maintenance workers can remove bolt-down options for storage during heavy winter months.

Parking Lot Safety

Parking lot safety reduces accidents and liability, benefiting everyone. A driver must reduce a vehicle’s speed to roughly five miles per hour before speed bumps or risk vehicle damage. Curbing is installed in parking areas for pedestrian safety and property protection. Statistics state that speed bumps reduce passenger injury or death by 60 percent. You can potentially reduce the property insurance cost by installing speed bumps.

Curbing And Speed Bump Placement

The Facility Manager may want to perform a test run on placement of curbing and speed bumps. The layout of the parking lot is essential. Have you decided to add EV charging stations and need additional ADA spaces? Two people can quickly relocate recycled rubber or plastic. Concrete curbing requires heavy machinery and several laborers to move them. Preplanning is essential regardless of which product you choose. TruSeal Asphalt & Concrete has the professional expertise you need.

Speed Bump Downsides

Speed bumps have a downside besides annoying drivers in a hurry. Speeding up rapidly after slowing down is less environmentally friendly than when a vehicle’s speed is constant. Contractors will have difficulty installing speed bumps and curbing if your parking lot is uneven. You’ll want to check out the different materials to determine the best option for your job.
Curbing and speed bumps contribute to the safety of your property by helping avoid accidents. Protect your employees, clients, and the company grounds by installing these practical and affordable insurance measures. Call TruSeal Asphalt & Concrete today!

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