wellness house of annapolis

Wellness House of Annapolis Mission

The mission of Wellness House of Annapolis is to provide support, education, and services to help individuals and families who have been touched by cancer recover their health and well-being in a home-like environment.

The Vision

The WHA is a gathering place where cancer patients and their loved ones can learn healthy coping skills while dealing with the effects of cancer. It is a safe place where those going through the process of treatment and recovery can connect and support each other. Join TruSeal Asphalt & Concrete in their mission to give back to the community.


The WHA depends entirely on the generosity of individuals and organizations in our community and beyond. Monetary and in-kind donations help us reach the thousands of families going through the cancer recovery process. (Annapolis Wellness Corporation) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization: (EIN/Tax Id Number: 20-5764752).