Commercial Sealcoating

Commercial sealcoating is imperative to maintaining the look and functionality of your parking lot. The sealcoating barrier protects your parking lot’s asphalt surface from destructive elements. Wind, oils, ultraviolet rays, and gasoline will break down the barrier, leaving the asphalt properties at risk of early failure. On-site facilities staff most often hire commercial asphalt professionals for this job. TruSeal Asphalt & Concrete’s expertise can help keep your parking lot looking sharp and save you money in the long run.

Parking Lot First Impressions

You only get one shot at a first impression. You drive into your parking lot regularly and probably have other things occupying your thoughts. Unless you hit a pothole, it’s likely the parking lot’s appearance isn’t top of mind. However, the first thing a new or existing client sees is the company’s parking lot. Sealcoating can make worn, faded pavement look fresh and smooth. Fresh striping pops and makes parking a breeze for everyone.

How The Sealcoating Process Works

The sealcoating process provides a barrier to protect the asphalt from damaging factors. It keeps the elements from breaking down the asphalt, causing it to harden, crumble, and develop cracks. It’s time to schedule an inspection if your asphalt shows signs of wear and tear. The technician will clean each area before filling small cracks and gaps. The base must be adequately prepped, or the sealcoating won’t adhere to the asphalt. Areas with higher traffic will wear faster and need more attention before a commercial sealcoating.

Factors For Sealcoating Scheduling

You’ll want to consider several factors when scheduling for sealcoating. The best school of thought is to have an annual inspection. Your facilities department can do a visual assessment to look for cracks, buckling, or more significant damage. They can address small cracks with relative ease. If you wait too long, you may need to replace areas of your asphalt, which is more costly.
The most cost-effective timing depends on the age and condition of your parking lot and the climate. The recommendation is that you resist the temptation to have your facility’s staff complete this job. It’s dirty and a potentially damaging nightmare if not applied correctly and open to traffic before it’s completely dry. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your parking lot and helps save money. TruSeal Asphalt & Concrete will advise you on the best scenario for addressing your needs.

Prep Work Required Before Sealcoating

Imagine trying to adhere any product to an area covered in heavy dust. It won’t stick. Sealcoating is the same. A person must scrape clean every nook and cranny of debris; then, a technician must blow out the dust. They’ll address small cracks and significant gaps differently to acquire the desired result. Tree root invasion can cause buckling, increase the necessary prep work, and may require total replacement in some areas. The size of the parking lot will determine how long the job takes. It may be necessary to complete the job in segments, cordoning off areas until they complete the job.

Commercial Sealcoating Cost Savings

University of Nevada at Reno’s Pavement Coatings Technology Center performed an independent study about sealcoating. They conclusively determined that sealcoating every three years saves the owner an average of $15.25 per square yard. Over 15 years, this comes to an average of $152,500 per commercial parking lot. That’s a 48% savings for maintaining your asphalt parking lot. Prices fluctuate based on oil prices, but that’s significant cash savings no matter how you shake it out.

TruSeal Asphalt & Concrete can take care of all of your commercial asphalt needs. Call them today for an inspection or to schedule sealcoating of your parking areas. Save money with maintenance and make a great first impression on clients.

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Ian is true professional. We are happy we used TruSeal to resurface and coat our new pickle ball court. The colors are amazing. Ian communicates well and offered a walkthrough for touch up after the job was done. We suggest using TruSeal Ashpalt & Concrete for your resurfacing and seal coating needs!

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I cannot speak more highly of the services we received from Ian, his crew and TruSeal Asphalt & Concrete. They did an amazing job from beginning to end…. from requesting a quote to follow up after the job. We truly could not have asked for a better, more respectful and professional service!

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